Troubleshooting shipping address issues

If you are having difficulties having your address submitted to the system, please try these troubleshooting steps:

  • LINE 1: enter your street number and street name, e.g. 501 2nd St. The system will not accept company names, or c/o “care of” submissions.
  • LINE 2: enter your apartment, suite, or floor number. If this does not apply to you, leave line 2 empty.
  • City & Zip Code: please double check for typos.
  • State: please confirm your state’s abbreviation.

If you are absolutely certain your address is correct, there could be a few explanations for the discrepancy.

  • You have moved into a new home that is not yet registering as valid in the USPS system
  • Your local Post Office has had the address removed from the deliverable list
  • You have a military address. Please validate your address with the USPS online tool.

If you continue to have issues validating your address, please contact our support team here

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