Secure your Coin with Auto-Unlock

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Your plastic cards can't defend themselves. But with Coin’s Auto-Lock, they are more secure than ever. With Auto-Unlock enabled, your Coin will automatically unlock itself when it recognizes that your phone is nearby. Auto Unlock will also help prevent fraud by keeping your cards locked and safe when your Coin is missing.

For Auto-Unlock to work, the Coin app must be running in the background and Bluetooth must be enabled. Press the button on Coin to wake it up and see the display show "LOCK". When Coin communicates with your phone and unlocks, the display will switch from "LOCK" to your first card (ex. "VISA").

If you are using Coin standalone (you don’t have your phone, the phone’s battery died, or you have Bluetooth turned off on the phone), you must enter your Tap Code to unlock Coin in order to use it. Press the button once on your Coin to wake it up and show "Lock", then enter your 6 digit Tap Code.

The Tap Code is a series of six long or short button presses, similar to morse code. This method of unlocking the Coin mobile app and Coin was specifically chosen based on the fact that Coin only has one button. If the Tap Code is entered incorrectly 3 consecutive times, all card data on Coin is erased.


How To Enable Auto-Unlock

  • Tap Sync
  • Toggle the Auto-Lock radio button to ON
  • Tap Sync again to sync your cards and new settings over to your Coin


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