Restoring your Coin mobile app for iOS

In order to successfully restore your Coin mobile app for iOS, please make sure that you host an encrypted backup. If the backup is not encrypted, your phone can not restore sensitive, private information like magnetic stripe data for your cards.

Backing up via iCloud
Encryption is not available . Your cards, magnetic stripe data, and passwords not be properly backed up.

Backing up via iTunes
Encrypted backups are turned OFF by default. To successfully backup and restore your Coin mobile app, you must check the “Encrypt iPhone Backup” box.

If the “Encrypt iPhone Backup” box is unchecked, your app will be reset. You will need to login to your account, create a new Tap Code, and re-add your cards. However, you will not need to prove ownership verification for your cards again.

For more information about encrypted backups, please visit this Apple Support Article:

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