What is Coin 2.0?

Coin’s second generation device, Coin 2.0, is an EMV-Ready device incorporating NFC technology, giving consumers the ability to transact securely with both contactless and swipe payment systems. Coin 2.0 began shipping August 2015 and comes equipped with a slew of new features including:

  • NFC technology that allows users to transact using EMV payment standards
  • An improved dynamic stripe that improves compatibility with certain readers for swipe success
  • Nickname ability for all card types
  • A display that is 2x faster
  • An, on average, 8% thinner device
  • Simplified back-plate design for privacy




What is NFC technology?

NFC (Near Field Communication), also known as Contactless Payments, is a set of protocols that enables data transfer between devices by bringing the devices close together with a simple wave or tap. Learn more about NFC’s relationship with EMV here.


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