Merchant Compatibility Feature

Coin is committed towards using user feedback to improve product, create new merchant relationships, and increase compatibility. To do this, as well as provide greater transparency, Coin has launched several merchant initiatives ranging from launching an online Merchant Center to introducing new features that allow users to view compatible locations nearby and provide feedback.

The Merchant Compatibility feature can be accessed via the Places icon, located at the bottom of your Coin mobile app. When tapped open, you will be led to a map view centered to your current location. The pins on the map represent nearby merchants:

  • green pins are known to be Coin compatible locations
  • red pins are known to be Coin incompatible locations
  • grey pins are locations with unknown Coin compatibility

Tap on a pin to view the merchant name and compatibility. Then, tap the merchant name to leave feedback. The merchant’s pin will update to reflect your feedback.


Along with using the Search Bar, you can search nearby merchants by moving the map and tapping Redo Search, or by tapping the list view accessible from the top right corner. To dismiss list view, tap the list icon again.

Based on crowdsourced user-feedback and moderator clean-up, this database will help users identify where merchants that are Coins compatible. Should you wake your Coin up near an incompatible merchant, your Coin mobile app will push you a notification alert. Please note that we will only send this alert once at a given merchant location.


To view your Coin’s Last Known Location, tap the Coin icon located in the lower right. Your Coin’s Last Known Location is determined by the last time your Coin was turned on and communicated with your Phone via Bluetooth.


If you are a user looking to learn more about Coin compatibility, please visit our Coin Compatibility Support Article.

If you are a merchant, please visit our Merchants Support Section.


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