Do cashiers need to be trained on how to accept Coin?

No. One of the beauties of Coin is that even though it is a first-of-its kind hardware device, it requires no change in cashier behavior - simply swipe Coin through your POS terminal as usual.

There are, however, a few tips that may prove to be helpful: 

  • If you require that a cashier verify additional pieces of card data, such as card network (e.g. American Express) or expiration date, that information can be found on Coin's display. Cashiers should check that the display is on before swiping.
  • If Coin does not work on the first swipe, cashiers should try again at a different speed. Coin tends to transmit data better when swiped at a normal speed versus very fast. 


It’s possible, though unlikely, for a cashier to accidentally press the button on a Coin and switch from the customer’s selected card to a different card. If this happens, the cashier should hand the card back to the customer and ask them to double-check their card selection.


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