As a merchant, how can I make my store Coin compatible?

The vast majority of payment terminals around the country are Coin compatible, so odds are you don’t have to do anything to prepare for Coin. If Coin has been successful at your location, there is no need for you to change your store's processes.

If transactions with Coin have not been successful at your store, the most likely reason is that your POS terminal tries to read the cardholder’s name from what’s known as Track 1 card data from the card’s magnetic stripe. Most payment terminals are set up to only read the cardholder’s payment information from what’s known as Track 2 card data. If you’ve ever seen a receipt that has the card holder’s name printed on it, that came from a terminal that read Track 1 data. Extensive testing with Coin has shown us that roughly 85% of merchants require only Track 2 payment information from their patrons.

Coin does not replicate cardholder's full names from Track 1. If your POS system is set to require Track 1, Coin will be rejected at the point of payment.

If you are looking to change your POS settings and removing the Track 1 payment barrier for your patrons, please contact your merchant acquirer or payment processor. If you still need help, let us know what kind of terminal/s you own and our team will investigate the easiest manner to update your settings.


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