What To Do If You Accidentally Reset Your Coin

You will know your Coin has reset when your display shows 4 lines or 4 dashes across the screen. Coin can be reset if:
  1. Coin's button was pressed for 10 seconds
  2. If Coin's Tap Code was entered incorrectly three times when being used standalone. This causes Coin to be restored to factory settings and the secure bond between Coin and your mobile device will be broken.
To get your Coin back up and running, please complete the following steps with a reliable Internet/data connection.
  1. Forget Coin, iOS only: see instructions here
  2. Unpair Coin: see below
  3. Sync Coin: see below
Unpair Coin
  • If you have never been able to sync your cards and settings to your Coin, please skip this step.
  • Click the Settings icon in your mobile app
  • Tap Unpair Coin


LEFT: iOS, RIGHT: Android

Sync Coin

  • In the wallet screen, tap Sync Coin
  • Select the cards you want to send to Coin and tap Sync


LEFT: iOS, RIGHT: Android


Your cards and settings should sync to your Coin successfully. 

If you are still having trouble syncing your cards and settings your Coin, please click here for support.
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