Reset Your Coin

In the event you need to reset Coin OR if you need to replace or dispose of your Coin, please follow these steps to remove all card data stored on it:

  • Press the button once on your Coin to wake it up. Let go of the button.
  • Press and hold the button on your Coin again until the display reads RSET; this typically takes 10 seconds and will occur AFTER the display first reads SYNC
  • After the display reads RSET, it will erase all card data on the Coin

You will know the reset is complete when the screen turns off. To confirm all card data has been erased, your Coin display will show four dashes when turned back on. If you have accidentally reset your Coin, please follow these instructions in order to sync your Coin back to your mobile device.

If your Coin’s battery has died, there is no need to reset it; a Coin with a dead battery will not transmit your data, even if swiped. For complete disposal instructions, please visit our Disposal page.

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