Add Cards to the Coin Android Mobile App

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In order to use cards with Coin, you must first add them to the Coin mobile app. The instructions below are for the Android app; for iOS app instructions, please click here.

  • Ensure you have a reliable Internet/data connection
  • Tap ADD CARD to get started. Then select a card type.


  • Insert the supplied card reader to the audio port of your mobile device. If the reader has been properly inserted, the mobile app copy will change. If you do not see the text change, disconnect the card reader and try again.


  • Swipe the card through the card reader. Please see this troubleshooting article if you have difficulty
  • Edit your card details, then tap Save.
    • For Coin 2.0 users, all cards can be nickname edited.
    • For Coin v1 users, only non-credit/debit cards can be nickname edited.
    • For gift, membership, and loyalty cards with no expiration date, enter an expiration date in the future.
    • For all types of cards, you may add the card issuer's support phone number for easy reference, as well as, change color of the card.


  • IMPORTANT: To prevent fraud, you may only use credit and debit cards that you own with Coin. If you have verified your identity, we will attempt to automatically verify that you own any credit cards that you add to your Coin mobile app.
  • For credit/debit cards that we cannot automatically verify, you will be prompted to enter the billing zip code associated with that card.
  • NOTE: We will post a temporary authorization charge to your account as a part of this verification. This is just an authorization, we will not actually charge your card. The authorization will appear on your card’s statement (typically in the "pending transactions" section) before it expires in 7 days from ONLYCOIN.COM and will be between $1.00-$2.00. This is a soft inquiry to your credit report, will NOT affect your credit score, and is only visible to you.
The card is now included in the wallet view. You are now to sync your cards and settings to Coin.

If you are having trouble adding cards, please click here for support.

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