How to use Coin

Click For Video: "Using Your Coin"

1. By default, your Coin will be OFF
2. Press the button on Coin to wake it up

  • If you are using your Coin as a standalone device with the Auto-Unlock security enabled, Coin's screen will display LOCK and you will need to enter your Tap Code to unlock it.
  • Once your Coin is unlocked it'll display the card you last used.

3. Press the button to cycle to the next card. Repeat this until you've selected the card you want to use.

4. Swipe your Coin anywhere cards with magnetic stripes are accepted OR Tap-to-Pay your Coin 2.0 with your NFC enabled card.

If your transaction does not go through when Coin is swiped, please read our article on compatibility and troubleshooting.

If you are still having trouble using Coin, please contact us for support.

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