Verify Your Cards Using the Card Reader

-Click For Video- "Add Cards"

Before syncing your cards to your Coin, you'll need to verify them using the card reader. You'll find the card reader included in the box that contained your Coin.

PLEASE NOTE: You need an Internet/data connection to complete this process.

  • Tap on the card you want to verify in the wallet and then tap Verify Card


  • Insert the card reader supplied with your Coin to the headphone/audio port of your mobile device.
  • Notice that the text changes from "Connect your Card Reader" to "Swipe your card." If you do not see the text change, remove and re-insert your reader.
  • To finish verification, swipe your card through the card reader.



Once you see the app say Success, your card is now verified and ready to be synced to Coin.

If you are having trouble adding cards to your wallet, please read our article on troubleshooting your card reader. If you have additional questions, please click here for support.

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