Sync Cards and Settings to Coin

Click For Video: "Sync Your Cards"

Once you've added your cards to the Coin mobile app, the last step in the process is to sync or transfer them to your Coin. Only swipe-verified cards can be synced to your Coin.
  • Ensure you have reliable Internet/data connection 
  • Tap Sync
LEFT: iOS, RIGHT: Android
  • Select up to eight cards to send to Coin
  • Tap Sync

LEFT: iOS, RIGHT: Android

  • Allow time for the app instructions to appear before moving to the next step. Putting your Coin in SYNC mode before the instructions are made available may cause issues with syncing.
LEFT: iOS, RIGHT: Android
  • Press the button on your Coin once to wake it up
  • Press the button again and hold for 3 seconds. Note that a small green LED light to the left of the button will flash anytime that you press or hold it.
  • Once Coin's display says SYNC, release Coin's button.


  • The cards you selected, along with any Security settings, will be synced from the Coin mobile app to your Coin
LEFT: iOS, RIGHT: Android
  • After the process is complete, press the button on Coin once to wake it up. Press the button again to change which card is selected.

  • In the mobile app, you will be dropped back into the wallet view (iOS) or will see a confirmation that the sync was successful (Android).

Above: Android

And that's it, you're done! You can now start using your Coin.

If you are having trouble syncing cards and settings to your Coin, please try these troubleshooting steps.
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